Poultry Farm Feed Silos Auto Feed Tank Pig Silos

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Poultry Farm Feed Silos Auto Feed Tank Pig Silos

Great feed preservation: limitation of temperature varitation to contribute to a better feed quality
Good feed flow thanks to the corrugated design
Durable and resistant feed bins: high quality material for better resistance to wind and corrosion
Wide range of feed bins: extensive choice in diameters and hopper angles. Straigh or sloped cone. Pneumatic or mechanically filling Compatible with our flexible auger systems

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  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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    Feed silo is used for middle or big poultry farm and livestock farm. Feed silo is a storage equipment for poultry farm. It is equiped with feed auger under the bottom of silo.
    When give chicken or livestock feed, just press button, the feed will be conveyed to the chicken shed feeding hopper.
    The feed silo is consist of silo body, silo lid, ladder .column etc. The silo body is two part: upper part is cylinder, bottom part is cone. On the cone part, there is watch glass to see the feed in silo.


    275 Zinc Galvanized Feed Silos

    3 tons - 100 tons Small Silos

    275 Zinc Galvanized Plate Material

    Farm Silos SpecificationBiggest Difference:

    Cone galvanized plate pressure and corrugation,additional strength,solider,the grooves give it better closure.
    The support plates are not overlapping,sorting up and down makes it easy to install.
    Precise laser cutting,Anti-rust treatment after laser cutting.
    Ladder is assembled from a galvanized sheet frame.
    Advanced pull rod opens system,Triangular lever, 275g/m2 galvanized plate materials.
    Advanced ventilation opening,square sheet metal vent,can be added electric exhaust fans.

    poultry silos cone price


    Laser Beam Cutting,
    Precise screw holes,make assembly easier.
    Take shape ridge backbone of galvanized plate cone. Additional strength make it hold more weight ,bulge of a curve to keep water out.

    China Silos Price cat ladder

    New bending technology,anti-attrition,No welding.
    It goes out to keep you safe,the guardrail is higher.
    Make assembly easier.

    Chicken silos price lever design

    New type of lever design.
    Stainless steel lid.
    Hot-plated galvanized opening mechanism.
    The operate is easier,can't damage.

    china Silos manufacturer

    New design.
    Red shake hands,better looking, more convenient.
    Feed Emergency export.
    Larger air outlet.

    Feed silos Parts

    can choose hot-galvanized and stainless steel.
    Not easy to corrosion.

    The Latest Technology:

    1.Heat resistance technology

    2.Bigger feed silos for poultry farm

    Silos Polymolecular expansion resistance heat material

    Polymolecular expansion resistance heat material

    Hding metal heat transfer.
    Reduce internal heat.
    Benefit to increase storage time,prevent deterioration.

    Feed Silos Transport System

    1.140mm&165mm&219mm Feed transmission system(CorkscrewSpin Auger)

    Feed silos transmission system

    2.45mm&75mm&90mm&100mm South Africa Auger Feed transmission system

    Farm Silos Auger Feed transmission

    3.102mm&160mm&60mm Chain Disk Feeder

    Farm Silos Chain Disk Feeder

    More products can be produced according to your drawings!

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