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North Husbandry Machinery Company is a manufacturer which specilized ventilation and cooling equipment.To provide the best way of ventilation for poultry farm.To produce the highest quality of exhaust fans , cooling pads and any other equipments for our customer by using the advanced machine and technology.As the first of science, we are mainly take the scientific method,scientific concept,professional management , in order to promote the rapid development of livestock.

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In 2007

North Husbandry Machinery Company had imported the newtest production equipment of cooling systerm in 2007, accroding to many times of attempts and studies , finally successed and started prodcuing different types of cooling pads in Jane ,2007.

In 2013

In 2013, Our company imported the Automatic CNC stamping, high-precision CNC bending and other hardware processing equipment.At the same time, we started to produce the exhaust fans which is same systerm as cooling pads, and there is also some of poultry feeding system products.Hammer type fan , Pull and push fan,and some series of big exhaust fans were successfully known as the customers from all over the world , by the way we began to accept the orders from outside of the mainland.

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In 2016

In 2016, We did a great job of researching the Pull and Push Cone fans and finally we got it. Customer easily recepted and loves it in a deep after two- year upgrading experience. At present, Our company has more than sixty kinds of products like Pull and push cone fan, Hammer cone fan,Butterfly cone fan Pull and push fan, Hammer fan, hanging fan,Brown cooling pad,single side of black cooling pad, green and yellow,Environmental control system,poultry pan feeding equipment,nipple drinker,Poultry Cages,Cages Feeder, Silo, and so on.

Our company

Our company insists the concept of Customer is supreme , with the honesty and commitment.Win the customer with the higher quality and to return customer with the best service.
For our principle of product quality, we take the serious check of choosing material which focus on 275g galvanized sheet to prevent the rust.And we pay more and more attention in every production progress so that it can reduce the damage of surface.
We also try best to avoid sending any defective products.

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Our  Service

1. 24 hour on the line. If you have any issue, you can contact me at any time.
2.Good after-sale service. And any exhaust fan parts doesn’t work in warranty( non artificial damage), we will resend you at once.
3. We can show you the technology for different exhaust fan in poultry house if you have no relative experience.

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