Roof Fan

  • 275g galvanized 50 inch series exhaust fan

    275g galvanized 50 inch series exhaust fan

    N&h series exhaust fan is an advantage product of our company, which has the characteristics of large air volume, long life and low price. N&h series exhaust fan is a high quality exhaust fan. 275g galvanized coated galvanized sheet is selected as raw material, which has stronger corrosion resistance. The fan blade has a large angle, which resulting in a particularly large air volume. The fan blades adopt single punch forming from imported stainless steel plates to ensure strength and durability.Because of the larger air volume, we recommend to use of Chinese high-end motor or Siemens motor , which is the basis for ensuring normal operation. We must use high quality motors to ensure its normal operation.

  • poultry house fan

    poultry house fan

    be designed to ensure an optimum house climate, supplying fresh air.North&Husbandry is a leading exhaust system manufacturer/Supplier.

  • Greenhouse Cooling System Evaporative cooling pad

    Greenhouse Cooling System Evaporative cooling pad

    1.The greenhouse evaporative cooling pad is composed of base paper processing production. The hgh wave have 5 mm, 7mm and 9mm three options. Ripple is 60°*30° staggered opposed and 45°*45° staggered opposed.

    2.High quality cooling pad adapts a new generation of high-molecular material and space cross linking technology.The cooling pad has a lot of advantages that with high absorption rate of water, high resistance to water, mildew resistance and long service life, etc. Its evaporative area is lager than surface area. The cooling efficiency is more than 80%, excluding surfactant, natural absorption of water, high velocity of spreading and efficiency of the persistent. A drop of water can be spread over in 4~5 seconds.

    3. The Product contains surface active agent for natural water absorbability ,fast pervasion speed, lasting effectiveness.

    evaporative cooling pad