Air Circulation Fan

  • chicken house exhaust fans

    chicken house exhaust fans

    Air Blower Equipment Hammer Type Exhaust Fan for Industrial, Green House, Poultry Farm, Warehouse

  • ventilation fan for poultry farm

    ventilation fan for poultry farm

    Exhaust Fan For Poultry Farm Manufacturers, Factory, Suppliers

  • Multifan fans Multifan Fiberglass Cone Fans

    Multifan fans Multifan Fiberglass Cone Fans

    Multifan fans leading exhaust system manufacturer/Supplier. be designed to ensure an optimum house climate, supplying fresh air

  • Farm House Exhaust Fan

    Farm House Exhaust Fan

    This equipment in the cooling at the same time also increased humidification and oxygen, ventilation, dust removal, air purification, direct effect on the odor.

  • Poultry Exhaust Fan

    Poultry Exhaust Fan

    Advanced cone design, front open type, butterfly type, cone design can concentrate air volume, concentration direction, more air volume, more energy saving and noise reduction.

    Protective net strong and stable, high density, long service life, more durable

  • Warehouse Exhaust Fan

    Warehouse Exhaust Fan

    Fan is a fluid machine designed according to fluid mechanics theory to improve fluid pressure. Its working principle is to transform the mechanical energy of the prime mover (motor, etc.) into the energy of the affected fluid, so that the fluid produces speed and pressure.

  • Circulation fan

    Circulation fan

    Using circulating fan can ensure the uniform distribution of temperature, humidity and CO 2 in the greenhouse, promote the growth and reproduction, so as to maintain the consistency of plants and obtain excellent quality.

  • Wall Mounted Shutter Cone Fans

    Wall Mounted Shutter Cone Fans

    It is a popular negative pressure exhaust fan. It has the widest size range of any exhaust fan. Negative pressure fan is a kind of air convection and negative pressure ventilation principle to achieve ventilation cooling fan. Fresh air is naturally inhaled from doors and Windows, and the stuffy air in the room is quickly discharged from the installation position of the fan, which can improve any poor ventilation, and the cooling effect can reach 90%-97%.